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With almost two decades of experience, Wise Owl has countless resources available when it comes to grant research.

Readiness Assessment


Are you sure if you are ready and/or eligible to apply for grants? Does your organization have all the needed paperwork available to grant proposal writers? Although there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to nonprofit organizations, there are guidelines and requirements for award eligibility for private foundation grants. The better prepared you are the more competitive your proposals will be.

This Package Includes
  • One hour phone call with Sharon to assess your current grant readiness to apply for private foundation grants.
  • A complete list of what is prepared, what needs to be updated and what you need to complete will be sent to you within 5 days.
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Research Package


Many clients become discouraged with the sheer volume of grants available and the tedious task of combing through each of them to determine whether they qualify. Wise Owl understands how difficult this process can be for their clients. Wise Owl will use the detailed information you give us via our Grant Research questionnaire and work to identify the best prospects for your current needs.

This Package Includes
  • Prospect Research resulting in 8-10 foundations that best fit your needs
  • PDF file on the foundation history
  • A Grant Calendar/Contact spreadsheet which includes: Grantor information, grantors point of contact, due date, award month, previous awards, funding grant cycle, grantor focus/notes, information, and application links. Delivered within 2-3 weeks of Research Questionnaire submission.
  • A 30–60-minute phone call to review the results.
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Grant Writing Services

After determining which grants are the best options for application, many clients rely on Wise Owl’s expertise to write and assemble their grant application using industry standard’s best practices. Wise Owl works diligently to ensure our clients’ missions and values are communicated in grant applications through compelling narratives, organization history, program description and more. Because we believe narrative writing is the heart of a good grant, Wise Owl includes a compelling brand story in as many proposals as possible to increase the effectiveness and quality of each proposal. Our team focuses on submitting the highest quality proposals for every client.. The Wise Owl team are professional writers who know every organization’s story is the heart of each proposal.

Our Grant Writing Services Include

Initial strategy call to review the history, structure, objectives, programs and financial need of the organization.

Data collection to determine program, project or organization information such as goals, objectives, inputs, outputs, etc. around specific grant needs

Draft of the grant proposal which will include supporting documents based on foundation guidelines.

Submission of grant proposal(s) for approval, with ongoing proposal support during and after the writing process as outlined in scope of work.

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